Tomorrow is the big trip. I am going to Cincinnati. I will charge my 2DS, taking my charger and iPod Touch, and take pictures there. Well, smell you later and eat my shorts.

Day 1: On this day, I’ve drove to Cincinnati. First, we’ve went to Ron’s Roost, the restaurant with only one location. The chicken was awesome! Next, we’ve went to the view, mount echo, and playground parts of the park. It’s nice to see the view. The echo part was fun! I’m not sure about the playground. Next, we’ve went to the Lucky Cat Museum. I’ll upload a video of that soon. Next, we’ve went to my aunt’s house. Lastly, we’ve went to a hotel called Hyatt Place. On the bottom floor there is an indoor swimming pool. It’s fun to swim!

Day 2: First, we’ve went to the Cincinnati Zoo, the place where Harambe died. Not only do we see the gorillas, we also seen other animals too! We’ve also ride the train. Next, we’ve went to Skyline Chili for a lunch break. Next, we’ve went to Walmart to shop. Next, we’ve went to the drive thru of Big Boy to get some cake. Lastly, we’ve went to the fitness center at the hotel. Not as fun as day 1, but still good.

Day 3: This is the final day of Cincinnati. First, we’ve went to Frisch’s Big Boy for breakfast. Next, we’ve went to Kroger to get some things that are only in Cincinnati. Next, we’ve went to Jungle Jim’s International Market at Fairfield. Lastly, we’ve drove back to South Bend while taking a bathroom break and eating at a McDonald’s-BP crossover.